Take One Second to Say Thank You

Take a second to say thank you in advance for the blessings that will come. Once we allow ourselves to feel the certainty that we are cared for the world slowly blossoms in front of our eyes. Thank you, thank you, thank you. The two most powerful words you can say to anyone. When you… Continue reading Take One Second to Say Thank You


You Have to Die To Live

There is too much clutching to the last strands of hope that everything will be okay. That it’ll remain the same. You know the time has passed. You also know that there is nothing of substance left and yet here you are grasping tirelessly as this moment dies with the seconds. What are you holding on to… Continue reading You Have to Die To Live


Turn Yourself On: 2 Questions to Supercharge Your Dreams Now

Yes, I said it and I mean it. Turn Yourself On. In the past week I have encountered at least 30 professionals (I’ve been networking my booty off) and I am stunned, rejuvenated and frantically inspired by the difference in energy when you sell a product and when you offer your gift for the betterment of… Continue reading Turn Yourself On: 2 Questions to Supercharge Your Dreams Now


You’re Not the First One to Live Your Dream And Why That’s Okay

I was sort of heart broken this morning. Okay, really dull pain in my chest heart broken. The more I talk about my journey and dreams, the closer I feel their proximity in my life. It’s affirming to be close to that wave of energy and pull as it recharges my soul. With that wonderment… Continue reading You’re Not the First One to Live Your Dream And Why That’s Okay


I am so damn happy that I don’t care about the criticism

I am so damn happy that I don’t care about the criticism. I’m more committed to my intention because I have to try harder, to give it all of me, to learn to be okay with not having everyone like what I do. At least that way they’ll learn to respect me and my work because I respect myself.


Ask “Do I Want to Be Married?” Every. Single. Day.

Crazy talk, right? No. It’s actually sound advice. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about the life long commitment of a beautiful, healthy, transformative marriage but it’s never a death sentence, never was supposed to be an obligation you no longer enjoyed or questioned. When you wake up in the morning ask yourself… “Do I… Continue reading Ask “Do I Want to Be Married?” Every. Single. Day.


If I Do Nothing Else This Year…

I will stop arguing with people in my mind. It’s a twisted daydream that I get sucked into. I hate conflict and rather live and let live. It’s about not surrendering my peace, walking the higher road, picking my battles and letting the universe teach those that are against me BUT AND IT A BIG BUTT… Continue reading If I Do Nothing Else This Year…


In 2015, I Have No New Year’s Resolutions

I prefer dancing in my dream. I would rather dare myself to be bolder and grow beyond what I’ve wished for myself. To think new thoughts and loudly, triumphantly be me. All of me. Less editing, more doing. I will not resolve to lose weight. I’ll eat what my body deserves. I won’t go more… Continue reading In 2015, I Have No New Year’s Resolutions


People are illogical, unreasonable and self-centered.

The Paradoxical Commandments by Dr. Kent M. Keith People are illogical, unreasonable, and self-centered. Love them anyway. If you do good, people will accuse you of selfish ulterior motives. Do good anyway. If you are successful, you win false friends and true enemies. Succeed anyway. The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow. Do… Continue reading People are illogical, unreasonable and self-centered.


I Don’t Wanna! Hard Work and Affirmations

First truth, people don’t want to work hard. Shocking! Working hard for the chore’s sake is not the goal. People work hard because it’s a way of life. A dedication to their commitment and strong moral obligation to their character. Hard work pays the bills. Even if you do what you love every single day there… Continue reading I Don’t Wanna! Hard Work and Affirmations


No…Not Dead…Just Getting Beasty and Inspired!

  I have truly been hibernating since right before Thanksgiving. Taking time from Rise Above has made me appreciate it so much more. I missed my Rise Abovers and now feel like it’s family! You’re all like the best friends I want to tell everything to as soon as it happens. Putting myself in time-out… Continue reading No…Not Dead…Just Getting Beasty and Inspired!


First Things First: Success on a Sunday

There are a million things to do with a Sunday but I’m promising myself to do the first things first. I learned this principle in Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (highly recommend you read) and the more I use it, the more my success grows. The more powerful I feel. The more control I… Continue reading First Things First: Success on a Sunday


Honor Your Silence

Normally when I sit down to write the words come out like water. I’m extremely thankful to be very ADD so the idea of having a blank head space or having nothing to say is foreign territory. As writers it happens. The muse isn’t calling and there is a silence as we beg from the ethersphere… Continue reading Honor Your Silence


Sunshine Dare: Gratitude Exercise

First and foremost, good morning! Today is a new day to be thankful for every breath, every interaction you have with someone else, every piece of food that you put in your mouth or article of clothes in your closet. Be thankful for the world is glorious and generous in it’s gifts. Smile in the… Continue reading Sunshine Dare: Gratitude Exercise


Finding Yourself in Loneliness

When you’re married you quickly forget what it’s like to be lonely. The fear you once ran from is now a distant memory until that person is no longer at your side, even if for a couple days. The familiar feelings start to swell again from a pit in your stomach to your chest and… Continue reading Finding Yourself in Loneliness


Pinkie Promise to My Readers

My promise to my readers, my friends, my conspirators, my tribe of intellectuals and soul changers: I’d never give advice that I haven’t done the hard work to try myself.  No do what I saw not as I do. It’s hard to dare yourself to change to be honest and make friends with your flaws… Continue reading Pinkie Promise to My Readers


Sunshine Dare: Gratitude Exercise

I pray you have these moments where your soul finds new places that make it sing loudly. Big, fat, electric love thoughts go to each of you night owls 🙂 Sleep tight my Rise Abovers!


That’s Not It…Dig Deeper…GET REAL

It’s ugly. We’d have to admit some things about ourselves that we don’t want to know. We don’t want to dwell on our weaknesses, our mistakes, the memories that haunt us, the true way the past has shaped our psyche but it’s all there. Hidden in your heart.


Sing So Loudly, Everyone Can Hear

Even if you’re not the ONLY one doing your dream work, why waste energy hating the company instead of embracing it?

Taking on your comrades as cheerleaders and mentors?

You are one voice in a chorus but sometimes you’re voice is the only one that rings clear.

Rise above to a confidence that you singularly add to the wonder of the world.


Sunshine Dare:Gratitude Exercise

Today I’m thankful for. …… Criticism. It really hurts to be criticized because I try so deeply to be the best at anything that I do.  When it doesn’t work out it’s hard for me to hear someone else talk about it. You know what though? How do I get better if I get no… Continue reading Sunshine Dare:Gratitude Exercise


Star Shine, Star Bright: Find More People To Love!

Star shine, star bright. Rise above into the arms of familiar dreamers. The support and validation will free your heart and feed your soul during this long journey of discovery ahead.


No One Wants To Pet the Lion

Asking the same questions and not getting the answers? Stop and think how you’re asking the question. Are you tense? A little rough or rude? Having a bad day and can’t seem to shake it? Things will continue to go bad unless you take control of that feeling and turn to the positive. No one… Continue reading No One Wants To Pet the Lion


Give It All You Got, ‘Cause What You Got is Good!

Give it all you got, don’t save it for later. When it comes to something that you are passionate about surrender to the desire to give everything. Sometimes in my writing I’ll want to save this or that point for another post or use that beautiful image for the next time but what if this… Continue reading Give It All You Got, ‘Cause What You Got is Good!


Sunshine Dare: Gratitude Exercise Day 6

Today I am grateful for: The moments God makes right despite all the reasons it should have been wrong. When we’re not perfect, forgetful or broken and at the last moment every piece falls into place in a wondrous dance. That’s when I lift up my hands and know that the results are not of… Continue reading Sunshine Dare: Gratitude Exercise Day 6


Come Back to Center: Get Grounded

The point is to feel grounded to the earth. Feel the connection and response of the earth’s energy communicating with you. Enjoy that moment with only yourself and the universe.

See how much more relaxed you get and how all the craziness around you seems to matter less. It’s easier to take that deep breath and focus first on what matters most. You should even feel as rested as if you would of had a nap.

Rise above the distractions of modern life and live a life of substance and connection. I send you peaceful thoughts. Inhale. Exhale. It’s that simple.


Please Don’t Breath In My Direction…Thank You

To the person in the office who’s already sick: It just went under 80 degrees yesterday and you’re in Florida. Get a grip. I love all my Rise Abovers but you need to take better care of yourself………and not get me sick. I haven’t had a cold or the flu in at least 4 years.… Continue reading Please Don’t Breath In My Direction…Thank You


Are you a Muse-ing? Get A Vibrant Life!

Ever meet that obnoxiously perfect person at the party that has all eyes on them. They’re vibrant, gregarious, full of life. They are interesting and can talk for days, always has the right joke but isn’t annoying. They seem full of life and people flock to them.

What is that?


Sunshine Dare: Gratitude Exercise Day 5

Today I am grateful for…….. 1. Spending time with family. It’s so hard to juggle getting those to-do’s out of the way that have been piling up during the week and spending family time but I was able to do a little of both. Was it as much as I wanted? No but I’m happy for what… Continue reading Sunshine Dare: Gratitude Exercise Day 5


Put Your Finger in the Socket! Get in the Good Flow

Ask and you shall receive.

First thing to do in the morning is to open your eyes and thank God, the Higher Power, the universe that you get the chance at one more day to life a beautiful life.

You’re life a little too ugly? Find something beautiful about it!

Once you change your mindset to gratitude you have permission to make a mountain out of a sunshiney mole hill.

Make that blessing multiply and explode into countless other blessings. Your eyesight changes and what used to look so bad before now is glistening with gorgeous moments and those to share it with.


Your Biggest Fear Lies Within

What are you most afraid of? Letting others down? Not having friends like you? Being alone for the rest of your life? Scared that you’re never going to get married, become a mother or a great father, that you’ll never reach your dreams? That you’ll grow up to be like your parents? That you’ll make… Continue reading Your Biggest Fear Lies Within


Sunshine Dare: Gratitude Exercise Day 4

2.The ability to get “back into my happy place” quicker and quicker the more I train myself to do it. When someone or something is threatening to steal my happiness, I’m constantly doing anything possible to get back into that positive vibration. The more I keep that mindset the sooner I’m able to bounce back into that light 🙂


Small Thinking: There is Only One Dream

Waiting for victory……..fearing victory is a guaranteed way to never get what you most desire.

Surrender in faith. Rise above to live life to the fullest extent of it’s potential.

Let your soul reach out wide to receive the waves of blessings promised to you.


Sunshine Dare: Gratitude Exercise Day 3

  Today I was most grateful when: 1. The cosmic order of the universe comes together in the sacred moment where I can drink my tea at the perfect temperature in perfect peace. 2. That my sissy is so huggable we snuggle nose to nose and giggle. We’re adults, it’s obnoxious to onlookers but I’m… Continue reading Sunshine Dare: Gratitude Exercise Day 3


Stop Watching That Movie!! Live a New Story

Transform your story into one of challenge and victory. One that isn’t defined by playing that old movie, thought, idea over and over and over again.

Live in the now, enjoy now, be now, take control. Change the movie.

It’s scary to do so sometimes. To release our tragic stories. We were victims. We were wronged!

They made us, defined us. Hid us from ourselves. Sheltered us from the grandness of the future and our potential.

If we put down our burden than what are we left with?


Sunshine Dare: Gratitude Exercise Day 2

The simple things in life

Someone to kiss goodnight. No matter what happens throughout the day, the best is always last.
A home to dream in. You can’t create a new world unless you have a place to reflect and birth joy.
Hard work done well. Working hard and doing well are two separate things. When they come together, the satisfaction of conquering the challenge fills me with pride and makes me hopeful for tomorrow.
I pray you have all three as you close your eyes tonight. If you don’t, keep hope that beautiful life is on it’s way to you. Rise above the doubt and have faith in all things.


You Need One Thousand No’s to Get a Yes

Be grateful for the failures. They cause your ideas to improve exponentially. Strengthened by the experience and resolve to win.

Be ready for the tests. The universe will continue to ask if you are willing and able. Be sure you are. Dare yourself to be.

The temporary setbacks are all part of the plan. Do you want it? Then keep moving forward.

This road is not for the weary or the weak. Fortify yourself with hope and faith.

Seep your soul daily in inspiration and courage. Sing praise for the accomplishments that are soon to follow.

Tremble with excitement as you let your spirit feel the thrill of victory just seconds away.


Sunshine Dare: Gratitude Exercise Day 1

I am going to keep yanking on this chain of blessings so much that it rains. I’m sending this prosperous energy to you by the gallons…POOLS…WATERFALLS…worth of this stuff. It starts with a small prayer granted and before you know it you are swimming in wonderful, healing blessings.

I choose to rise above the negative energy trying to drag me down today. I choose to rise above to the magnetized power of light and abundance. I choose to live in love and share it with you 🙂


When You Listen to One Fool, You Make Two

I so often see people carrying around for years, sometimes for major portions of their life, the judgments and misinformation from misguided loved ones.

Jealousy and resentment are powerful poisons and enemies are at times cloaked as friends. A push in the right direction might actually be a push into a ditch.


Sunshine Dare: Smile at 5 Strangers

Smiling is free. Share the happy, spread it around!


Sunshine, Sprinkles, Rainbows and Unicorns Dammit!

Am I always this sunshiney? No. Believe it or not I am not always so pep and fresh BUT I work so damn hard daily, hourly, passionately trying to be. It’s a rare thing to find someone who can laugh, smile and consistently embrace the preciousness of life on a daily basis. I’m not there yet… Continue reading Sunshine, Sprinkles, Rainbows and Unicorns Dammit!


Good Night Gorgeous World

Perhaps tomorrow will be the day we pierce the clouds and finally shine our brightest.

Rise above, radiant readers

* Trippy, gorgeous art! Featured Image is “Eurydice” by Russ Mills. All his work is spectacular and thoughtful. *


Sometimes God Pushes You Off That Cliff

That’s why we stay in place for so long, our toes on the line of that cliff. The expanse of possibility before us. The separation of new and old. Stagnation and freedom.

Sometimes God pushes you off that cliff.

He knows we won’t jump even though it’s the only way to fly.


Let it gOoOOoO!!!!!!!! The Tao of Frozen

There are people who die with the regret that they never reached perfection. People starve and kill themselves over that thought. Others are haunted daily by the ghosts in their closet.

It’s crucial you know you can release this apprehension and anxiety at any time.

Let it go.


Care For Your Soul Like A Garden: 5 Tips for More Energy

It happens when you least expect it and it happens to the best of us.  We’re just about to be exactly on time,  rushing and pushing each millisecond and right in the home stretch we realize in shock and horror that we’ve ran out of……… toilet paper… sometimes it’s toothpaste…the worst is the impending doom of… Continue reading Care For Your Soul Like A Garden: 5 Tips for More Energy


Toxic People Reading

Have you ever spoken to someone of such foul spirit they make your forehead crease? You cringe at their illogical hostility and seething contempt for almost everyone. You fell exhausted after being in their presence for extended periods of time. It blows my mind how physical these symptoms are and yet they are a direct… Continue reading Toxic People Reading


I Defeat Myself

There are times when I’m absolutely so exhausted I feel like I’m in a numb haze. There is nothing left of me to give and yet the world demands more. The to do list gets longer, friends and family call, my home is a jungle, the mold is growing out of the refrigerator and just might… Continue reading I Defeat Myself


Do You Really Want Your Dream To Come True?

I was listening to a sermon by Joel Osteen yesterday. He was describing God’s blessings and how they often come not as a trickle but as a flood, all at once, at the moment least expected. What would I do if all my blessings came at once? I’d be happy……right? Have you thought it through? What if… Continue reading Do You Really Want Your Dream To Come True?


Finish The Year Strong: Get a Head Start on Your Resolutions

The first thing I think of last night as I start to meditate is that I have to start the year with a clean slate. Normally people let the end of the year be consumed by guilt and holidays but what we actually miss out on is the opportunity to finish the things we most… Continue reading Finish The Year Strong: Get a Head Start on Your Resolutions

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Are you the Arrow or the Spinning Top?

How often do we bury ourselves in self doubt because others don’t share our vision? As creators, dreamers, entrepreneurs of new ideas we automatically will clash with the common thought from inception and yet we want to feed our need for acceptance and understanding. Why would someone believe you if you don’t first believe in yourself?… Continue reading Are you the Arrow or the Spinning Top?